Friday, October 14, 2005

Finished Opal-hat and new projects!

My son's hat is finished. Maybe the pon-pon is too big, but it is easy to trim it down.

I will try to post a new picture when my son is wearing it.

Still I have some unfinished projects, but like a lot of other knitters I can't control myself with starting new projects. Especially not when I have all this lovely yarns screaming for my attention. I am drooling on my lovely skeins of Kyoto every day, and now I have tried to do some swatching with it. I am planning on making a scarf, but I can't decide what pattern to use.
The yarn-band recommend size #10.5 needle - or 6.5 mm. I don't have that size so I used 7 mm last night. It looks nice in stockinette stitch, but I fear that it will be kind of simple! So now I have tried a different pattern. With a 12 mm needle I have knitted single rib. It looks like this:

It looks sloppy at the ends. I don't think this yarn looks nice when knitted too loosely, so I will have to go for 7 mm or smaller. If someone have the perfect pattern for showing off this yarn I would be pleased to have it.

While I am searching for the right yarn for my Kyoto, I have started on River from Rowan #38. I am using another yarn from Artfibers - Tsuki. It is pretty much the same as Kidsilk Haze.
whit this pattern I have learned two new things: Lace cast-on and 'yarn forward'. I have only done long-tail cast on before and I didn't know that 'yarn forward' could mean make a new stitch. I look forward to seeing this grow!


At 11:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nydelig lue!! Og erlige prosjekter du har begynt på:-)


At 1:21 PM , Blogger jacqueline said...

i think the hat looks cute!

good luck with river...i have been having anxiety attacks with that particular pattern.


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