Sunday, August 28, 2005

New pattern-books and mags!

I should have enough patterns to knit from now. The Classic Winter is the last one I received. This is patterns for the new Rowan RY Soft Tweed yarn. I bought two skeins that I am now making a scarf out of. The yarn is very soft and feels easy to knit with, but I don't know if I like it. So when doing any of the other designs I might end up using a substitute yarn.

Other patterns I have recieved lately is Vogue knitting and Simply knitting. I didn't really go crazy when reading them, but there are some nice designs. What I really is not so happy about is that I still am waiting for the Rowan Magazine # 38....Being a Rowan Member haven't really been a good thing! I could have bought it on the internet a long time ago. Rowan did promise me to send a new copy for 10 days ago so if it is not in my mail tomorrow I will contact them again. This is my first Rowan magazine and I have been waiting eagerly for a very long time now!

I have also bought one of the new Design-books from Garnstudio. It is in my office at work together with a single skein of 'Eskimo'-yarn and a crochet-needle :-)


At 9:20 PM , Blogger nunnun said...

Hei! Jeg har heller ikke fått Rown #38 og sendte en mail til klubben om det. Fikk til svar at de beklaget veldig og at det skulle vært sendt ut for en mnd siden. Skulle sende meg et nytt eksemplar .. kanskje en ide for deg også.

At 9:58 AM , Anonymous nunnun said...

Hei igjen! Nå har jeg fått Rowan #38. Kom i posten i går og var sendt avgårde den 26/8 ... så det gikk raskt etter at jeg tok kontakt.


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