Sunday, September 11, 2005

A scarf and a sock that don't fit!

A scarf in Rowan Soft tweed - a new yarn for fall 2005. It is a very fun and easy pattern from the Classic winter-book. The color is very special!

I just couldn't wait, and started knitting lace socks in my lovely sock-yarn. The pattern is from It looks nice on my almost blue-white leg (now I did not get a tan this summer....I almost never do). But when I started working on the foot I realized that it will be too big - wide!
So I tried to find out what my gauge was....I should have done that BEFORE I started... So now I am really is no fun doing it all over again!


At 8:00 PM , Anonymous Anne Hebburn said...

Thanks for showing all these pictures of your lovely knitting.
My cherry tree hill socks were wider than expected too, it seems to knit up differently from other sock yarns. My husband liked them so now they're his (plain, not lace like yours!).

At 9:10 AM , Anonymous Bente B said...

Å, så synd at sokken blir for stor, da... den ser ikke stor ut på bildet, altså.. :o)) Nyyydelig garn!!!


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