Sunday, September 11, 2005

The secret project...not easy!

Okey, so I should have finished this project for a while ago, but I have had some difficulties. Knitting motifs is not something I do a lot, and I must admit - I am really bad at it! So I did finish the motif, but was not happy with the result because it was too loose. So I tried tighten it, and now it's too tight....oh well....I will have to do the motif all over again.

But it really is hard to get it right so I need to find out if there are some tricks out there on how to knit very nice motifs!

Or maybe...maybe I should settle with dear Google-man is supposed to wear it. So I think it should look nice! It was too bad I didn't finish it before he went off to Google-complex in Mountain View.

He will stay there for three weeks, so maybe it is finished when he comes home.


At 4:06 PM , Blogger jacqueline said...

i am so impressed that you even got that far on this project. i just don't know if i would have the patience. it looks fantastic though!


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