Friday, November 04, 2005

Showing off my kool-aid yarn!

I was planning on updating my blog yesterday, but I was not feeling very well.
Mostly I was staying in bed or sofa. When trying to do my mother-duty I got easy tired-out, and that is very frustrating.

Okay, "being seek talk"!

Here are some more pictures of my yarn.
I have now made a center-pull-ball out of my first colored skein.
After 165 meter of yarn I was not eager to do the other two, so now I have googled and found a retailer where I can buy a ball winder and an umbrella swift!

My Kyoto-scarf has been ripped, because I just thought it turned out being too tight and heavy. So now I am trying a new pattern - the Short row rib from MagKnits. I did some blogger-search and found that Yarn Junkie had used the same yarn for this scarf. But, I am not convinced!


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