Monday, May 15, 2006

Flowery bag, Bliss, Froth Scarf and ....

I have finished all the knitting on my Flowery bag, but now come the part I am not very found of - blocking, cutting fabric, sewing and adding beads! But I will start doing it today so that I can start using my bag on May 17!

When I had finished the Flowery bag, I went back to the Bliss-pattern and finished the left front. But I am not very happy with it, 'cause I think I might have done something wrong. I will start on the right front, and then I probably will notice if the left does not match the right - at least that is what I am hoping for!
When shooting these last two pictures, my daughter came along and started posing. She most defiantly wanted me to take pictures of her, too.

When finishing one project (even if it is not quite finished), I have a hard time not starting on a new one. So then I just started knitting the Froth Scarf - the free gift for my Rowan membership. It is a very easy pattern, and I think the scarf will look very nice - once finished - whenever that is...
When it comes to my Gluten-free living, I still am struggling. I have had some days with awful pain and I don't feel that I get enough to eat. Today I decided to make a very generous salad, hoping that I for once would not hunger for more food right away like I do with Gluten-Free bread. And as you can see - I made a lot, too much. From now on I will eat a lot more salad.


At 4:46 PM , Anonymous kate said...

Så flott veska blir, skynd deg å gjøre den helt ferdig da, er råspent. Salaten så veldig fristende ut, og veldig godt, håper omleggingen av kosten hjelper.

At 4:44 PM , Blogger Sidsel said...

Det er litt av et "puslespill" å legge om kosthold,håper virkelig at det kan hjelpe deg*nikke* ;o)


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