Thursday, June 01, 2006

Some progress and lots of action

It has been a lot of action this week. Monday my daughter had a fever and had to stay at home with me. The next day she had an appointment at the hospital to have her ears checked. She had a lot of fluid in her right ear so the doctor decided to sign her up for surgery today already. And Wednsday was the day for a visit from an architect and a house-cleaning-agency. We have come to realize that we need to get things done. Need to do some restoration on our house and we need to have someone clean our home!

But today was the day for my daughter to have a tube-surgery. Since we did the same thing with the other ear in September, it was not so scary this time. They finished the surgery in half en hour and she woke up right away. She was not happy with having a needle in her arm and the next two hours was stressful. When we finely was allowed to go home she was very happy.
And it was time for gifts!
And waffles and more....
I have started a little crochet-project and with a plastic hook that ended up like on the picture.
There is a chance that I am crocheting rather tight!!!!
I have finished the first Jaywalker sock, and I just need the other one. That is not exactly the same as the pattern. I have added a big-toe!

So when I have finished the left sock I can wear them in these slippers!

The sparkling green Colinette Giotto is turning into a halter neck top. This is the finished back-piece.


At 9:18 AM , Anonymous Sandra said...

Who would say daughter had surgery - she looks like she has just returned from the playground! Little fighter!

At 10:25 AM , Anonymous Kate said...

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