Thursday, March 08, 2007

A blog facelift and some plans ahead!

I did an update on my blogger-blog. So this is how it looks like now. I was a little quick, so I lost all my links. Will put up some new blog-links sometime soon.

I have joined a knit along for the book Fitted Knits. Today I have done some swatching for a turtleneck. It is Rowan Calmer from a project I started last summer , but I found out that I did not want to make it after all. Hopefully it will work out for this project.

I have also ordered yarn for a beautiful Tunic form this very same book. It is a really nice design.


At 10:23 AM , Anonymous Bente B said...

Den boken ser flott ut, må jeg se litt nærmere på gitt ;)

At 2:55 AM , Anonymous stitchywitch said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Leon is a purebreed (the Maine Coon) but who knows what the other is. I agree she looks like a Russian blue, and she has the personality of one (I have had several before.)

What yarn are you making the tunic from? I really love that design.


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