Friday, February 09, 2007

I am freezing cold!

This picture shows the cold but very pretty snow outside my window. But it is - 16 degrees Celsius (3 Fahrenheit) and we have been having some difficulties keeping the house warm enough when we currently don't even have a fire place. But there is always wool sweaters and blankets.... Me and the kids went to see our little kitty on Monday. The where trilled, but my daughter had a hard time leaving it there. I am really looking forward to having him here next Thursday morning. Meanwhile I can look at these cute wooden cats.

I have finished my Alpaca shrug. A Garnstudio-pattern. It is very nice, but I think it needs a button or something to stay in place.

A closer view to see the pattern. Hard to see when the yarn is dark brown.

Yesterday I received the smallest package ever! And inside where these two skeins .

It is Rowan Holiday. I was supposed to have two skeins Cotton Braid in the same shipment, but they are probably coming in a little while. I am making something out of the ordinary. So far I am making Crochet-chains that are 36 cm in length. When I have 16 of every color I will start weaving...I will let you try figure out what I am making!


At 4:31 PM , Anonymous Dolci said...

Nydelig vest!! Og for en utrolig søt pusekatt dere får! Og kjøkkenet er bare kjempe flott!
Ha en fin, fin helg :-)


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