Friday, June 06, 2008

Knitting and glutenfree bakeing

By now you should think I had finished quite a lot of projects, but unfortunately I did not. I finished my handspun socks a while ago that is on display in my spinning-blog, and I started on a knitted dress for my daughter in a new yarn named Føn from Gjestal in bamboo/cotton yarn.

When I had reached the waist my daughter asked me what it was. Then I told her it was going to be a dress for her, expecting her to be happy. But her response was: "Mom...I would like it to be a skirt, because I want a skirt..." Oh well....I guess I will have to make it into a skirt then. So now I have been thinking about how to knit the waist. And I just think have found a solution for it. I will do some experimenting and show off the outcome later on.

Todays good knitting-news is that we now have 50% knitters in our home, because my daughter has learned how to knit. She is doing very well I think and I am mighty proud of her (off course). She wanted to knit a skirt for her doll Fia. So we picked out a fun yarn from Lornas Laces that I had in my stash and started on a easy square. I did some rows in between so that she would not lose her motivation. And then I added a row of k2tog, yo before casting off. When I told my daughter she needed to make one more for the back, she said to me: "Mommy, you can do it, because I can´t knit that fast yet. and it is taking a long time before it is done. When I am older, then I can knit faster!" So I finished the back. Sewed the two square together and made crochet ruffled edge in a solid pink alpaca and a band for the waist.

My daughter was happy, I was too, but Fia still have that same surprised look on her face :-)
Obviously, she need something on the upper body!

My adjustment to a gluten free, dairy free, yeast free life have it´s ups and downs. Some days I am very much upset and screams for a magic pill so that I can eat whatever food I want. And other days I look at my options and make something tasty. Like the waffles above. I bought a new waffle-maker, and it has been very popular. The big French waffles tastes awful good.

Our celebration of the Norwegian National Day was a food-success as well. On the picture above is my daughter and a friend of ours (Hilde), and you can probably tell that they are looking into another camera than mine. Eating out on this day would be a bit troublesome with all the needs I have, so we invited some friends to our home. I made brownies, rullekake, marsipankake and kromkake (I don´t know any English translation for does cakes). For the marsipankake I have used soya-cream inside, and it worked out very well.

Here are all the kromkake I made to go with the ice-cream and strawberry's we had for dessert.
And everything was safe for me and my son (who can´t have dairy) to eat.

Here is another picture of our daughter in a "bunad". But unfortunately it is not a real one, but one of the many you can by in a regular shop. She will have a real bunad when she gets older.

And finely, here is a picture that illustrate what beautiful days we have had recently. The summer all of a sudden arrived and the kids are enjoying them selfs outside. Here we have one of those rare situation where they are sitting quietly and reading books. In the middle is our neighbors daughter.


At 8:44 PM , Anonymous Hilde said...

Så koselig med blogging fra deg igjen. Takk for sist, synd vi ikke fikk tid til en prat på strikketreffet. Og nå ser jeg hvor lik jenta di er deg... Ha en fortsatt fin helg!


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