Thursday, April 09, 2009

Almost a year has gone by!

Not much going on in my blog this past year I´m afraid. Why? There have been a lot of other activities and I have sort of not been inspired to post. Also, I have not been knitting all that much. I am not going to dwell on this - just state that I just did not have much blog luster this past year.So how about knitting? I have actually done some knitting, but haven't publish
ed any of it. So I am not going to try remember what I´ve made, but go straight to what I´ve knitted these past weeks. This is it:

In the norwegian yarn from Garnstudio - Eskimo, I have knitted a cardigan for myself. I did not use any pattern, but made a top-down construction so that I could try on as I knitted to figure out the right shaping. I knitted on 6 mm needles, witch is a bit small needles for this yarn. That makes the cardigan very compact and a bit heavy I´m afraid. I did it this way because I have experienced this yarn to not look good after some use. It is extremely warm, so it is nice to put on when I am cold. I have done a crochet edging and made loops for buttons. Also on the arms.

My next garment is also a cardigan for me. It is a Kim Hargreaves design from her book Amber. The design is named Beth, and it is an A-line coat in double moss stitch. Knitting this I used the yarn suggested in the pattern - Rowan Big Wool. Actually I frogged a sweater I made in December  2006 that I pictured here. It was not a good design for me - too big and it looked awful on me. But I did not have enough yarn to make the cardigan so I made shorter arms. I would have liked them to be longer because it looks better, but it is very practical to have the shorter arms.

I also have finished finger mittens for my daughter, and for myself. I used the book "the knitters handy book of patterns to make them. For my daughters mittens I used my handpainted yarn that I have for sale in my shop Spinnulla. And for the adult mittens I used Baby Llama yarn from Mirasol. The adult mittens  was knitted with my own addjusted pattern.

Also I made "blånissevotter" - blue felted mittens for my daughter. And since she was in the bath tub trying out her new swimsuit when I wanted to take a picture, that gives a really odd situation for wearing mittens.

My sister gave birth to a baby girl a few weeks ago, so now I have been inspired to do some baby knits. First was a pair of booties, pictured together with the purple cardigan.
And just recently I finished the fames Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern Baby surprise Jacket in my handpainted yarn. And on my needles right now is a matching hat.

Oh, yes, right! It is once again that time of year when we are decorating with yellow.


At 10:00 AM , Anonymous Yarneater said...

I'm so happy to hear from you again after all this time! It looks like you have been very busy. Sara

At 4:59 PM , Anonymous Hilde said...

Sååå koselig med bloggeinnlegg fra deg igjen. Den grønne jakken ble bare helt nydelig. Ha en fortsatt fin påske! :o)


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