Saturday, August 05, 2006

A fever does not stop me from bloging...

At least not today. I just felt like bloging and I need something inspiring to do. With a 39.7 degrees Celsius (103,46 Fahrenheit) I have been staying in my bed most of the day. My kids had a fever a few days ago, so I guess it is the same thing. They got well after just one day, so I am hoping for the same for me. And now I am sitting here in middle of the night sweating and bloging.

I have done some knitting this last week. I sort of finished my Basalt tank (the Hexagons).

That looks like it isn't finished after all. When the front neck and straps where finished I noticed that one of the straps was longer than the other. I guess I must have had a pre-fever condition when casting on. So now I have to this part all over again. That is 151 stitches in 12 rows....I have done a little more knitting on the socks, but not much, because I have been very focused on finishing the Hexagons. I changed to 3 mm needle and have still not finished the first one.
For a while ago I got a free gift with the Simply knitting magazine. A plastic bag, and it is perfect for a sock project.
yesterday the mailman came with two things to me. The latest Rowan magazine and some yarn. I was in such bad shape that I have not even looked inside the mag. There was three skeins of yarn. The Rowan natural silk aran is to finish my pullover. The other two where some discount yarns. One skein Noro Kochoran and one skein Debbie bliss Cashmerino Aran.


At 10:47 PM , Anonymous Nina said...

Oi så flott den toppen blir! Følger spent med på hvordan den blir :-)

At 9:03 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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