Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cat Show and casting on turtleneck

Not a lot of spare time for knitting today, but I did cast on this morning and I have almost finished the neck.

We have been to a Cat Show today and yesterday. The kids are excited, but they really are not much fun to bring to this event - I am hungry - I want to hold the cat - I want to buy toys for Sari.....

On this picture: " I want chocolate cake."

Sari was adjusting well - The decoration is something Exxon used, but it did not really fit her that well.

A lot of beautiful cats in the show. This girl was Best in Show. It is a Norwegian Forest Cat and on this picture she is together with the breeder Linda Reiersen - (N) Fodnaheia's.

This is a pretty white Maine Coon.


At 2:50 AM , Anonymous Laura said...

The cat show looks like it was really fun, except the not so cheerful kids. What pretty cats. I think the neck of the sweater looks good, boy the yarn looks beautiful.

At 8:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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