Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am sewing, too!

Finely I had made some space for the Husqvarna 2000 on my working space. A heavy weight orange machine. It belong to my mother in law, but unfortunately she can't use it because she is very ill with MS. It must have been a very expensive machine when she bought it. With the fancy Colormatic system. But I have no idea how to use this because I do not have the instructions. So if someone have the manual for the Husqvarna 2000 model 64 30, I would be happy to buy a copy.

My first sewing was the crochet-weaving-sewing bag in Rowan yarn. I have finished one side. Sewing on all edges to keep the weaving in place. But when finished this bag I am NEVER doing something like this again. It is very hard to get the crocheted nicely weaved together.

It is not turning out very nice either.

Enough about that....I bought the book Home-Made Vintage a while ago and had decided on making a bag for my first sewing project. But when my daughter saw the sewing-machine when she came home yesterday afternoon, she insisted on I started sewing something for her right away. And so I started on a simple and easy skirt. But it is not finished yet because I want to buy a contrasting fabric for the pockets.

So today I started on the bag. The first parts was easy, but when adding the bottom I had to stop and think :-)

But I managed to figure it out - And here it is - my first sewn handbag!

Sari likes to take part, too. A timer- picture that did not turn out as nice as I was hoping...I like the leaves. And I wanted them to point upwards.
I am into sewing now. And my next handbag will be made out of this fabric:

I am also sewing a dress for my daughter in these fabrics: But before that I am trying to figure out of this pattern-sheet. What have I gotten myself into?
I am sewing a pair of pants for my son....hopefully I will figure it out. It looked so simple, but that was before I looked at this...


At 1:52 PM , Anonymous Kate said...

Flinka, jeg likte veska kjempegodt. Må forresten skryte av genseren også samtidig, kjempeflott.

At 3:13 PM , Blogger Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

Very pretty!!!

At 10:36 AM , Anonymous ohelene said...

Nydelig veske! Så kjekt å følge med på syplanane dine!

At 9:07 PM , Blogger Hege said...

Syns du er flink jeg! Veska ble kjempefin. Holder på å prøve meg frem med symaskina jeg og ;) Ha en fin kveld!


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