Monday, April 09, 2007

The last day of Easter!

Today and yesterday we have had the perfect Easter weather - melting snow in the sunshine.
But before that we have had awful weather - like on the picture above. Last weekend there was no snow around the house and I was stupid enough to believe that we had started the spring early this year. But I was so wrong, and got very disappointed when it started to snow, and never seamed to stop. But I should not be so surprised. After all I do live in Norway!

Because of the weather - I have had time to do some knitting. The boatneck from fitted knits - I did rip the chest part, but now I have finished all except the arms. But I really don't know if I am satisfied....I will take some new pictures wearing it. This was very bad pictures.

I did also rip my turtleneck, but now it is closer to finished. I have reached the very fun part - 3x3 ribbing that looks like it will never end.

I just have to ad some Sari-pictures, too.


At 3:57 PM , Anonymous Laura said...

I love the pictures of Sari!

At 10:09 PM , Anonymous saga said...

...og dem sier at ikke katter kan smile! Min Pellepus kan også det, han hadde nok kost seg sammen med Sari.



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