Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Surgery tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning the surgery on my ear will take place. I am not exactly looking forward to it, but I guess I will be happy when it is all done. Maybe not right away, but when I am feeling better. I do not know how I will feel afterwards so I do not know how soon I will update my blog.

Time pass by so quickly. Feels like not too long ago since we got this very adorable little white kitten. And look at her now. She is almost grown up, but still very adorable. She is beginning to grow a winter coating as well.
I went to the last of two stitching-class-night this Monday. Had a hard time figuring out how arrange the fabrics. Tonight I sewed it together - almost. I could not decide what fabric to use for the edge.

Something pink?Or yellow?
It is maybe a bit too much chocolate and lollipop :-)

Last Thursday I also went to a one evening sewing-class. I am using Japanese fabrics and everything is stitched together by hand.

Just had to show you - at last...my daughter agreed on buying a dress that is not pink! She wore it to a birthday party this last Saturday. I think she lookes great in these colors.

Oh yes...I have finished the Textured tunic, too. And I like it...but (there is always a but) I do not know if I like the wholes on each side. I can feel a bit cold air coming in there.

I have wanted to make a Chevron scarf for a long time. I tried out with two skeins of Lornas laces Swirl DK that I bought on discount. But I do not really like the color-combination.

I have made some Plum-jam this week, too. Now I need to prepare for tomorrow and try to get some sleep.


At 1:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lykke til med operasjonen! Du har vært travel i det siste ser jeg, flotte ting! God helg, hilsen Hanne

At 4:19 PM , Blogger CamillaS said...

Håper operasjonen har gått bra! God bedring! :D

Jenta di var forresten supertøff i den stripete kjolen! :D

At 8:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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