Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pirate pants finished!

It is Mai 1 today and the "workers day " in Norway. So we are having a quite day at home. Last night I finished the Pirate pants for my son. I had some issues with the sewing machine and tomorrow I will take it to the Husqvarna shop to get it fixed. I plan to sew a lot and need a machine that works.Pattern: Designed by La Møf for the Magazine "Kreative kvinner" nr. 4 April 2007.
Fabric: Dark denim. Also need vlieseline, thread and buttons.
Size: 110 (they are supposed to be shorter).

I am very happy with the fit! And the instructions was okay to follow. There was one error, but it was pretty obvious. I am planning to make more of these in different fabrics and colors.

When I wanted to take pictures I first had to play a paparazzi, because he was just running away, but when I but him one the table he started posing...or at least dancing. The back pockets still need buttons. I need to buy some. Maybe some soccer-balls!

I really like the shape on the hem, and this is where I have used the interfacing (vlieseline).

They are curving in the opposite directions at front and back. I was kind of worried this was going to be hard to sew, but it wasn't.

I have winded up my Rocking sock yarn. First I had to take pictures of the different colors on the Umbrella swift. Browns and greens.

Brown, lilac and green.
Green, purple, brown and lilac.

But when it was made into a ball the colors was a total mess! I have been swatching a little and I am not sure what to do with this yarn yet. I was thinking a Chevron scarf, but maybe I will end up making socks after all!


At 3:25 PM , Anonymous Hilde said...

Så morsomt at du har sydd den buksen. Jeg har lekt likt med tanken om å sy litt fra det bladet jeg også. Buksen "din" ble flott.
Artig å se smurfejentene, jeg har akkurat lagt inn bilde av minni-jenta vår. Litt dårlig bilde mitt da, men pytt.
Og garnet er jo bare helt nyyydelig.

At 7:35 PM , Anonymous Laura said...

The pants are fantastic.

At 8:14 PM , Blogger LivM said...

Buksa ble knallfin! Misunner deg hespetreet ditt. Et slikt skulle jeg gjerne hatt!

At 10:55 AM , Blogger Deb said...

Have been reading and enjoying your blog. Quick question - where do you get your fabric from? I'm from the UK, moved to Trondheim last September, am keen on sewing, knitter and anything crafty but have been struggling to find fabric for clothes.

At 6:11 PM , Blogger Carrie said...

The pants are adorable!
I'm thinking about making a chevron scarf with my STR Silkie, but I haven't completely decided yet.


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