Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yarn delivered to my door!

Is that maybe one of the greatest things? When the doorbell rings and there is yarn delivered to you!
I was pretty excited, but so was Sari! Yammy - some gorgeous purple and turquoise skeins of yarn. 210 and 213 grams in each color! So what is my plan for this yarn? I have no idea...
I went to a "Stitch n' bitch" on Tuesday. The hostess happen to have a new webshop Mer Garn. And I could not resist buying some skeins of this very lovely Merino yarn Lucca. The purple will be something for my head, neck or hands. The two purple will be a sweater for my girl.

For not to long ago I received another yarn kit from Blue moon fibers. I must admit - this was a pretty strange color combination. And I would most surtenly never have picked this skein myself. The pattern for these socks looks lovely .
When looking at the key chain it is probably a better indication on how the knitted sock will look like. But I am still not convinced!I was so excited about my new yarns that I forgot all about my knitting. There is another finished object coming up soon. I will take pictures when it is finished. It is a sweater from Fitted knits that I did not feel like finishing in the hot summer weather. But now I am knitting the last arm. Also I have been to my first Stitching-class. I will update on that one, too.


At 2:26 PM , Anonymous Kate said...

Takk for sist. Så garnet kom så fort, det ser nydelig ut. Det må ikke bli så lenge til neste gang vi treffes.

At 8:52 PM , Anonymous Hilde said...

Guri malla så mye deilig garn. *sikler*

At 2:55 PM , Anonymous Elin said...

Så mye deiligt garn.


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