Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bad, bad ear - you better start behaving!

Yes, about that ear of mine. I had to go back to the hospital because the pain was getting worse during the last weeks. It was a reason for that off course. I have an infection in there, so now I am using some ear drops. Hopefully that will help. I do not want another bad infection that will need to be removed by surgery! So, I am telling you my right ear - behave yourself!

I have been doing some cleaning and tidying my home. The old kitchen is full junk I need to get rid of, so that we can start making the room into a useful space. During this process I found a bag with Kool-Aid....yam yam....I want to dye some wool soon. Maybe next week.

Outside my window it is getting rather crowded today. We have hired a company to change our roof. So for the next 2-3 weeks there will be very little privacy around here with people looking inside our windows. So now I was making sure a took pictures of my knitting whitout them seeing it. What would they think? "Why is that woman taking pictures of her feet?"

So the other night as I eagerly was getting closer to finishing my socks something very bad happened. For the first time I had bamboo needles that snapped. These where brand new, too. It is so frustrating....
But soon after it was time to change to larger needles, and then I did not thing much more about it.
I have now finished the pattern and only have a few inches left to knit before casting off. I don't have a lot yarn left either, but enough to finish.

I have done some swatching for another project to.....These colors are supposed to be green, but they look more like grey in the picture.


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