Monday, October 01, 2007

Removing stitches gives me the right to buy more yarn!

Okey, so it was not really that bad, but it is a pretty good excuse for shopping!
The doctor lost track of how many stitches she removed. Something around 12. For the most part I did not feel a thing, that is...there was 2 or three stitches that was kind of hard to remove. But even then it was a small amount of pain. What I did not like very much was the part where they was "vacuuming" inside my ear. It did not hurt, but it makes me very uncomfortable dizzy and the sound inside my ear is uncomfortable. I will have to go back in two days to do some more of this, unfortunately. Oh, well....I can look at the bright side - then I have another good reason for some more shopping :-) I will need more Calorimetries or something similar in the far future to cover up the part that is shaved. It looks very strange, and I don't feel like shaving off the rest!

And here is a picture from my very short shopping-trip today. I was rather dizzy, so I just did the fast yarn purchase and then some ear drops at the pharmacy.

To skeins of 100% baby Llama - Miski from Mirasol. Two different purple shades. Quite expensive, but lovely. It is 75 grams/82 yards on 50 grams and knits on 5 mm (US 8) that will give 18 sts and 24 rows. At least that is what the label says. Then there was 1 skein of Fabel sock yarn from Drops design in blue, green and purple. And I am thinking of mixing this with the one skein of Alpaca silk in purple.

I also bought some more knitting needles in size 4.5 mm. That is a size I use a lot and because I have multiple projects going on I need more than one....I think I have 4 circular now. But the double pointed sock needles are actually my first in this size. I have 4 mm and 5 mm, but not 4.5 mm.

The sock needles will be needed soon, for my latest cast-on. My dear one has told me that he would like to have a new hat for the winter. So he has kind of told me how he want it to be. So this is a pretty simple design. 2x2-ribbing. I finaly desided to give up my Clapotis and ripped it. So now I am using this yarn together with Alpaca silk. The solid blue together with the variegated blue looks very nice.


At 1:27 AM , Anonymous Kate said...

Overskriften din sier alt, selvfølgelig sier nå jeg. Flott garn, håper det går bra med øret.

At 10:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gøy med shopping! Kos deg med nytt garn, håret vokser fort ut igjen, ha en fortsatt god helg! Hilsen

At 6:29 PM , Anonymous Hilde said...

Oi, klart man må handle garn etter noe så strabasiøst. Nå må du skynde deg å bli helt frisk da! :o)

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