Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spinning yarn

On Friday I went to Kate for a nice social knitting night. I brought my camera but forgot to use it. We had a very nice time. Some progress on my socks, but I have struggled a bit. For some reason I do mistakes all the time. Now I have started on the gussets, so then there will be no cables for a while.

To have something easy to knit while talking I started on a scarf in green Kyoto. I did start on a different pattern very long ago, but no started on another one. This is the third scarf pattern I am trying for this yarn. I think I will just stick with this one.

Saturday I went to Rhonna spinning and talking about spinning. That was so much fun. I had some issues with my spinning wheel, and when trying Rhonna's Majacraft Rose, I felt like I was in spinning-wheel heaven. When I came home I realized there was a piece missing. But it is NOT a Majacraft! I will consider buying a new wheel. Maybe HE can give me one for Christmas?
Rhonna has really gotten into the art of spinning yarn, and had a very large selection of different fibers. She was so kind to make a sample-pack for me, so that I could try some of the fibers I have never tried before.

So here it is: alpaca-corridale, merino-mohair, adult mohair, Shetland, Gotland, New Zealand Lamb merino, Bambyx silk, cvm (don't remember what this was), Blue Faced Leicester, silk caps and Angora. Yes, that is 11 fibers to try out :-) Thank you, very much, Rhonna!

Today I spun the first one. It is a very pretty blue merino-mohair. I used a light-weight spindle. Later I will make a 2 or 3 ply. The wool was fine to spin when I did a little pre-drafting. This was my first time spinning on a spindle in a very long time. It was fun! I am very happy that I can manage to spin both on a spindle and a wheel.

I had another Wollmeise delivered yesterday. The sock yarn in the pretty Poison nr. 5 and the worsted weight in the brown-read Uluru color. I new right away that the last had to be knit up as my second Foliage Hat.

And today I have done some progress. Not far from finished. I am guessing the Ravelry really makes me want to knit. I have done some update on my Ravelry-notebook, too!


At 9:59 PM , Anonymous Rhonna said...

I'm not surprised you forgot. :-)

"CVM" = California Variegated Mutant. It's a breed which was founded on the Romeldale breed, but which took a bit of a deviation along the way--and then that deviation was encouraged and kept. Hence the "mutant" part. :-)

At 7:47 AM , Anonymous Tove said...

Heisann, endelig fant jeg en blogg med spinning. Garnet ditt ser nydelig ut. Og så mange spennende fiberprøver du skal spinne deg gjennom. Lykke til med det.


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