Sunday, November 11, 2007

A guitar for my birthday!

Today is my birthday , but turning 34 is not so special. Even so I got a very nice birthday gift - a new guitar. The old one has not been playable for a very long time . I am not good at playing, but I am able to play easy things . With some practice I hope to do better and being able to play when other people are around without getting too embarrassed. No I do best when I am alone. I also want to play and sing for my kids. They like that. I want to inspire them to learn to play a n instrument them self as they grow up.

In this picture you can see some progress on my modern log cabin blanket. I am on block 4 and was very happy with the colors, but when I saw this picture I was lifting my eyebrows . It looks like block 4 is knitted in two different colors. I have used two skeins, and I thought it was the same dye-lot. But it sure does not look like it. On Friday I went shopping for more Drops yarn for this blanket, but I had difficulties finding the colors. I went to almost every store in town to find the natural white, but when I came home I realized that it was yellow that was the color for block 5. And I don't have more than one skein of this. But now that I see the different shades in my purple I don't feel like mixing dye-lots in one block.

So today was my birthday, but I have not been having a lazy day. We have put together some book shelves for our living room and then I also had to do a little cleaning up afterwards. But in the afternoon we went to a restaurant for a nice dinner with our kids and our parents .
On the top shelves on this one someone has placed his favorite reading - they are all about Computer science. He is such a geek, and everyone that comes to our home will find it out right away...Oh well, then it is OK that I am a yarn-geek, So maybe I should have my knitting books underneath his books :-)
The three skeins on the table are Drops Silk alpaca in dark purple. I have never tried this yarn, but now when they where on discount I figured I would try making the Koolhaas hat from it.

Last week I got these two lovely handpainted rovings from an Etsy-shop. It is Shetland wool and Blue Faced Leicester. Look forward to spinning with these two, but I will wait until after next weekends spinning-workshop. I hope to be a better spinner after the weekend.

I got some more Wollmeise worsted weight, too. Three colors: Dornröschen, Rosenrot and Campari Orange. I am thinking hats and Christmas-presents :-)


At 12:17 AM , Anonymous Grete said...

Gratulerer med dagen som har vært!! Tusen takk for trivelig samvær i dag Knittacia:-) Klem Grete

At 10:49 AM , Blogger Supernøtt said...

En forsinket gratulerer med dagen!

Takk for en hyggelig helg på kurs :-) Verden er pussig, jeg abonnerte allerede på bloggen din og nå blir det enda morsommere å følge med den videre.

Rokk on!

At 10:33 PM , Anonymous Hilde said...

Hm, bøker ja, klart du kan komme å ta en nærmere titt. Så fint det blir på stua, plass til mange, mange bøker der nå!

At 1:23 AM , Anonymous Kate said...

Gratulerer med overstått bursdag, det har jeg ikke fått med meg før nå. Håper at du hadde et flott kurs, gleder meg til å høre hvordan det var. Klem

At 10:30 PM , Anonymous Lise said...

Gratulerer med vel overstått.
Så imponert over at du kan å spinne.
Spinning er noe jeg har begynt å snuse på jeg også og har lyst til å lære. Foreløpig er jeg bare på "leseplanet". Kansje du kjenner til noen gode sider på web jeg kan lese eller noen gode bøker for nybegynnere? Hadde tenkt å starte ikke det norske ordet men det heter spindle på engelsk. Du vet sikkert hva jeg mener.
Ha en fortsatt fin uke.

At 10:33 PM , Anonymous Lise said...

Kom på hva det heter på norsk. Håndtein.

At 2:41 PM , Blogger Siddis-in-houston said...

Gratulere med vel overstått bursdag! Jeg har vært syk og har ikke blogget på en stund, men nå er der noe nytt og jeg har snart flere ferdige prosjekt. Håper alt er vel hos deg!


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