Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas and knitting!

And so came the Christmas, and we found our perfect plastic three and did the decorations on December 23. But what happens when you have 17 month old boy and two naughty cats? That is why we have plastic all over....
In Norway we open Christmas -presents on Christmas eve. That makes this day very long. But at least they can have there stockings in the morning, and this year they contained coloring-books and crayons. That kept them busy for a little while.
So I was hoping to stay well for Christmas.... Christmas day was a complete nightmare. I was feeling awful an stayed in bed all day. So that is why I have not done any more spinning, just some knitting. I started knitting Spencer from Rowan 38. I have almost finished the right hand glove. The pattern is nice, and I really like the cuffs. I might use the cuff-pattern in other designs.
Because I just had to try out the new yarn "Faerytale" from Du store Alpakka, I have also started knitting a shawl . It is in two shades of purple.

Monday, December 19, 2005

My first steps in spinning!

I just had to try.
So far I am a very slow spinner. I am not able to let go of the spindle yet, and I am having a hard time figuring out of how to pull the fibers. It seems like I need at least two more hands!

I think I will buy myself a spinning wheel in 2006.

Bad health=bad blogging!

My dear blog,

I am sorry that I haven't paid much attention this last month. But I sort of have a good reason for it. It has been rather hard finding time and energy when both myself and the kids have been seek. We all had the winter stomach decease once, and then the kids had a second time two weeks later. That is not a good combination with me already being seek. And I have been very tired at the end of the day going to bed at 8-9 pm.

I hope for some change soon!

okay, enough about being seek.

I have done very little knitting lately. But I have a little to show. First, the advent calendar, that I wasn't able to finish in time. Not much left - just the boring sewing-up part. The kids are luckily to small to know what advent calendar is! It will be ready for next year.

At December I went to a "Julebord". That is a Norwegian tradition when the people at work have a Christmas dinner-party. I was wearing a very nice strapless dress with this knitted shrug that I made the same day (Yes, I started knitting it the very same morning...). It is knitted with the beautiful Artfibers Kyoto.

And now about my spinning, or rather - about me trying to learn how to spin my own yarn. I bought some books at Amazon and a spinning-kit at eBay and now I am ready to start. It is only a few days left before Christmas eve and I still have a lot of shopping left, so I am afraid there won't be much time for this before next week.