Friday, May 26, 2006

Casting off 1350 stitches - Froth scarf finished!

The edging just needs 4 rows before casting off, but when knitting about 1350 stitches just the cast off-part takes forever. But I finished it last night and I am very happy with it. I might make another one!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Regia bamboo for Jaywalker

I did some more online shopping , and this time it was 2 skeins Regia bamboo.And then I had to start knitting the socks all knitting blogers have made - Jaywalker!
But I only have alumnium needles in size 2.5 mm, and my fingers are aching. So I have ordered some bamboo dpn.
I have done some progress on the Froth scarf as well. It is an easy pattern, not calling for a whole lot of concentration. And that is good right now when my head tends to start spinning!
It is now 53 cm in length, and that means I have 37 cm left before I can start on the edging.
Some more books arrived, too. And the books are all very nice, but now I have even more things I would like to make....and I do not need more projects!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Finished Flowery Bag - at last...

We had a very nice weather yesterday when celebrating May 17. My daughter was very excited about the day, but it just did not live up to her expectations. After about 15 minutes watching the parade and with her brothers balloon disappearing up in the air, she was very sad and wanted to go home. She was much more happy staying at home eating chocolate cake and beading with some new beads I bought on May 16.

And she was very happy when her grandmother and grandfather came for a visit, so that she was able to show off her pink dress. But she was also impressed with grandma's 'bunad'.

When the kids went to bed I returned to the Flowery bag. Now I had to get to the sewing. So I struggled and got the sewing-machine on the table and started sewing the lining section. The machine belongs to my mother-in-law, and is a n old Husquerna, but it is working just fine. But it is very heavy.
At noon today I finely finished it. I am very happy with it, but it was defiantly a lot more work then I thought it would be. I guess, adding the zippers made it a lot harder, but then the content of the bag will be much safer from falling out.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Outside of bag is finished!

This is a lot of work!
I have blocked and done a whole lot of sewing. The flowers....puh....the 66 beads....and I did not think my beads was right so I went shopping for some larger and came home with the Same size, so beads will not be any larger!
No I need to do the inside of the bag - that really scares me, 'cause I have never done this part before. And I am doing a change in the pattern and are adding zippers instead of fasteners.
That will not be tomorrow! May 17 is the Norwegian National day - a day to celebrate.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Flowery bag, Bliss, Froth Scarf and ....

I have finished all the knitting on my Flowery bag, but now come the part I am not very found of - blocking, cutting fabric, sewing and adding beads! But I will start doing it today so that I can start using my bag on May 17!

When I had finished the Flowery bag, I went back to the Bliss-pattern and finished the left front. But I am not very happy with it, 'cause I think I might have done something wrong. I will start on the right front, and then I probably will notice if the left does not match the right - at least that is what I am hoping for!
When shooting these last two pictures, my daughter came along and started posing. She most defiantly wanted me to take pictures of her, too.

When finishing one project (even if it is not quite finished), I have a hard time not starting on a new one. So then I just started knitting the Froth Scarf - the free gift for my Rowan membership. It is a very easy pattern, and I think the scarf will look very nice - once finished - whenever that is...
When it comes to my Gluten-free living, I still am struggling. I have had some days with awful pain and I don't feel that I get enough to eat. Today I decided to make a very generous salad, hoping that I for once would not hunger for more food right away like I do with Gluten-Free bread. And as you can see - I made a lot, too much. From now on I will eat a lot more salad.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This is pure love!

Yes, I know that I have already posted today, but then this yarn was waiting for me in the mail-box and I just can't wait until tomorrow to show of this yarn. The last week has been rather unpleasant, but this yarn really made my day. I love green, but this green just takes me to a higher place!

This is pure love - I love this color, and just had to try it on!

I also had to use my skein winder, and as you can see, even my cat liked the yarn - Purrr!

Clover Wonder Knitter

A new gadget has arrived - the Clover wonder knitter!
Since I didn't have any tool for making i-cord, I decided to try this one.
I was also considering buying the Inox knitting mill, but ordered the Clover instead because it had both a 3-pin and a 6-pin disk. But I did not look very closely, cause I now realized that the Inox is a automatic machine! That would have been a lot faster I guess!

So having a new tool in my hands I just had to try it out. First I tested the 3-pin disk with some light weight cotton yarn. It works just fine, but I think the i-cord ends up being too loose knitted. I also tested with the 6-pin, and the result is the same. When I tried some DK weight wool yarn I think the i-cord looked a lot nicer. So I learned that this tool don't work well with light weight yarn.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Flowery bag!

Not feeling to good last night I was not able to update.

I started on the Flowery bag last week. The pattern is from Rowan Classic summer book eleven.
The yarn is Cashcotton DK and 4 ply. It is a lovely yarn to knit, and I look forward to knitting the 4ply lace sweater "Julia" from the same pattern-book.
I have now knitted the sides, handle and gusset, and now I am working on my first out of three flowers.

I have also bought some very nice fabric that I think was a perfect match for the yarn.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Holding hands!

The pullover and top fits very well, and they look very friendly on this picture.
But I am afraid that is not very often the case, 'cause they tend to fight a lot of the time.

I will give another update on my new project Flowery bag later today.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The summer tweed nightmare...and pink elephants

I don't know what to do with this summer tweed project. It is supposed to be a jacket, but it just don't think it will look nice on me. I sew side and shoulder seams on the back and left front and tried it on. The shape doesn't look to good. Maybe it will be better with all the pieces in place, but I don't know if I will go on with this project. It is also boring to knit and the yarn have an awful smell!
And on a day like today, when I am not allowed to eat (because I am doing another medical examination tomorrow), I would rather do something more fun. Back to my Bliss-pattern...

yesterday, me and my daughter went shopping for buttons. She saw these elephant-buttons, and then I just had to buy them. So now the very pink top have some very pink elephant-buttons.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I have two finished projects - not bad!

I had not finished my sons pullover before I went away, so that was the first thing I wanted to do when I got back. It was the very boring part with fastening loose ends and do the neck- and arm-edging. My daughter was really pushing me, 'cause I showed her the pink Colinette yarn and told her I would knit her a top with the yarn. She was constantly asking me when I would start knitting her top. So then I had to finish her brothers pullover. I think it looks nice, but I haven't tried it on him yet.

When the pullover was finished I placed the skein with the very pink Giotto on my umbrella swift and my skein-winder was filled to the edge with only 50 grams of yarn. And with my daughter constantly asking me if her top was finished soon, I have been knitting all evening yesterday and most of this day , too.

On size 8 mm needles and size 4 year it knits up pretty fast. And it also helps to knit in the round up to the arms. I finished the top with crocheting picot edging. On each shoulder I will need 3 buttons. When finished I had 6,4 meter yarn left. I haven't decided what side of the top that looks best, and I am also thinking about adding some crocheted flowers.
But now my daughter hopefully will be satisfied, so then I can go back to the Bliss-pattern.