Friday, March 24, 2006

Socks and bag!

Yep....I have been a bad blogger again.
I have been feeling bad and have had high fever some days.
And my kids have been ill as well...that is how the story goes on....

When it comes to knitting I finished my lace socks for a long time ago.
I have used them and washed them once - and I love them!
Warm and pretty at the same time.

I also ended up knitting a bag that I felted - a very fast project, but I still need some handles on it. I don't know what du use. And I am not overexcited about the result.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Handpainted wool top

I ordered some wool top from Lorna's laces. They have very nice colors. This one is called watercolors.

I was not sure how to spin this wool, but I ended up pulling off one length that had 1 repetition of all colors and split them into smaller sections. Then I ended up with rather short sections of each colors. It spun up very nicely. It is a 1 ply yarn with some variation when it comes to thickness. I would guess it will be 4-5 mm needles that will be right for this yarn, but I am not sure.

With my umbrella swift and skein winder I ended up with this 43 grams skein. I am happy with my spinning-progress.