Thursday, June 15, 2006

Time for some sunshine in my life!

I started on my medications last Friday. It was very inspiring to finely have something happening that probably will make me better. As the doctor had told me the medication was very strong and that I might have even more stomach ace. And I did, but that I am quite used to after more than half a year of pain. But at the same time it made me feel more tired and dizzy, so I have not been doing much knitting this week.
To make myself feel better I went shopping on Monday. And look what color I ended up buying! Yellow!!!! And I almost never have bought myself yellow clothes because I didn't think it would look good on me. It was the lady in the shop that thought I would look good in bright yellow, and she was right. And the fun thing is that I have always liked yellow. This really brings some sunshine in my life. I was so inspired by the new color-option that I got myself an appointment to a hairdresser the next day. But that was not really a success. The hairdresser did a horrible job and she just made my hair look awful. I was so unhappy that I went to a new hairdresser the next day. She agreed with me that it was not looking good, and the reason for it was a combination of last years dyed blond stripes together with the bad haircut.

So the solution was a mini-color (or whatever they call it) in my natural hair-color and a new cut.
And I was so much more happy this time, even if it cost me a lot of money.

Foe a few weeks ago we had to buy a new sofa when the old second hand sofa we had collapsed.
At the same time we bought an Ekornes Stressless exclusively for me. When having a lot of pain in the stomach, it helps to sit in an adjustable chair, and this one is absolutely the best one I have ever tried out. A lot better then all the reclieners I have tried. But unfortunately I have some competition. The kids and the cats like it, too!You bad, bad boy!

Oh, yes, this is a knitting-blog. I have started on my second Jaywalker, but it has been hard. My ability to concentrate have been bad because of the medication, so I have made mistakes all the time. I feels like I have been knitting just as much backwards as forward.

I also have started knitting with the new RC Natural silk aran. It will be a pullover for myself.
The yarn is very nice to knit, but the smell is not much better than the Summer tweed.

Tomorrow morning is the last time I have to take the antibiotics, and yesterday and today a have been having some progress, so if the doctor is right I should not have any more pain in a few weeks! I really hope he is right, 'cause that will make me and my family so much happier!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Change in diagnosis!

I do not know what to say about the Norwegian health-care. We live in this very wealthy Nation, but still - people are waiting and waiting and waiting for help to find out why they are having pain and discomfort. And if they do not find the cause of the pain, some doctors have a tendency to think that it all comes from our head and that we are just lazy people! And too often people also get a wrong diagnosis. I hope for some changes soon!

In my case it has been a lot of waiting and change in what it is and what I should do. For more than two months now I have been on a Gluten Free diet because they suspected me of having Celiac Dicease, but for more than a month ago they found that I had the Helicobacter pylori. I was supposed to have received a letter about this and a prescription for an antibiotic treatment. When I went to my family doctor two months ago she had received some papers from the hospital that sad that I should NOT go on a diet. For that reason I called the hospital, and that was when I found out about the Helicobacter pylori. Then for two weeks I have been waiting for the specialist doctor to return two work. It has been two very long and painful weeks, but know I finely have some progress. I do not need to go on a Gluten Free diet, and I will probably be in a lot better shape in a few weeks. To bad they have used 8 month's to figure it out, and that I for that reason do not have a job-position after the holidays. But, at least I probably will be perfectly healthy and that is what really counts right now!
And then back to my knitting....I have finished the sparkling green summer top. I just need some buttons! The color in this picture is not showing the right color - it looks a lot nicer.
When finished I did not have much yarn left. When I was getting closer to the end I was for a while worried that I would not have enough yarn, but luckily I did.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Some progress and lots of action

It has been a lot of action this week. Monday my daughter had a fever and had to stay at home with me. The next day she had an appointment at the hospital to have her ears checked. She had a lot of fluid in her right ear so the doctor decided to sign her up for surgery today already. And Wednsday was the day for a visit from an architect and a house-cleaning-agency. We have come to realize that we need to get things done. Need to do some restoration on our house and we need to have someone clean our home!

But today was the day for my daughter to have a tube-surgery. Since we did the same thing with the other ear in September, it was not so scary this time. They finished the surgery in half en hour and she woke up right away. She was not happy with having a needle in her arm and the next two hours was stressful. When we finely was allowed to go home she was very happy.
And it was time for gifts!
And waffles and more....
I have started a little crochet-project and with a plastic hook that ended up like on the picture.
There is a chance that I am crocheting rather tight!!!!
I have finished the first Jaywalker sock, and I just need the other one. That is not exactly the same as the pattern. I have added a big-toe!

So when I have finished the left sock I can wear them in these slippers!

The sparkling green Colinette Giotto is turning into a halter neck top. This is the finished back-piece.