Monday, November 21, 2005

Opal socks for my son!

I have not been bloging, but I have been knitting a little bit. Some days I have not been feeling very well, and have had to lay down. But I have knitted socks in Opal-yarn for my son. It is cold outside and he really need them, so I stayed up late last night to finish them for today.

Now I have so many things I would like to knit, but I just don't knit fast enough.
It would have been nice to have some Superman knitting-speed!

I have now started to knit the Advent calendar from Simply knitting. But I should have started this earlier. It need to be finished by December 1!!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

It's my birthday and I have a new shrug finished!

Today is my birthday and I am 32 years old. Even if it is my birthday I don't think it is okay that my 16 moths old son is starting to party at 3 pm. And I am not feeling so good, so I don't know if I am up to any eating-out-and-movie-night.

I have not been bloging the last few days, but I have done some knitting.
The shrug I finished for I while ago have been ripped almost to the start and I have made a new one. I like this a lot better. The color on the first picture is not right, but the second one is showing the right color.

The really fun thing about this project was that I did not estimate how much yarn I would need. When it was finished I had a little less than 5,5 meters left.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

My new ball winder!

I have bought myself a ball winder and an umbrella swift!
It is great! My daughter was very willing to help.

It is very well known Royal ball winder, and I think it makes very nice balls of yarn. But since this is my first experience with a ball winder, I have nothing to compare it with. Anyhow - this makes it a lot easier!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Showing off my kool-aid yarn!

I was planning on updating my blog yesterday, but I was not feeling very well.
Mostly I was staying in bed or sofa. When trying to do my mother-duty I got easy tired-out, and that is very frustrating.

Okay, "being seek talk"!

Here are some more pictures of my yarn.
I have now made a center-pull-ball out of my first colored skein.
After 165 meter of yarn I was not eager to do the other two, so now I have googled and found a retailer where I can buy a ball winder and an umbrella swift!

My Kyoto-scarf has been ripped, because I just thought it turned out being too tight and heavy. So now I am trying a new pattern - the Short row rib from MagKnits. I did some blogger-search and found that Yarn Junkie had used the same yarn for this scarf. But, I am not convinced!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My first Kool-aid yarn!

I just couldn't wait no longer, so I started winding yarn and mixing kool-aid.
Being my first attempt, I am very happy with the result. To bad I only made this one in the color-mix. It was a test, to see how it would turn out coloring pale grey alpaca. It was a nice way to not getting very bright colors.

When I did the mixing and painted the yarn I was quite worried, 'cause it looked rather awful!
It was not before it started to dry that I saw that it turned out very nice! I was so happy with the colors that I started making some more.

But I wasn't paying enough attention the first time, so the next too skeins where not colored the same way. But I used the same colors. The difference is that I have more grape and longer color-sections. But it still might look nice when knitted!
Here I am painting the second skein of grey alpaca. You can see some of the grey color that is not yet painted. Goodbye to the very boring color!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I have made myself some stitch-markers for the first time.
Maybe I shouldn't write 'made', because the only thing I have done is attaching the two peaces together! On the web I have seen a lot of other crafty people making fancy stitch-markers, and my attempt is very poor compared to these.