Friday, December 08, 2006

I still do a little knitting!

The Dale sweater for my son is almost finished. But I am not satisfied and I am considering some changes. The neck is too wide and the sweater is too long. I think I have some tension-problems....I don't feel like ripping it, so that is why I am not doing anything with it!

My daughter have made a lot of comments on my knitting and have been asking if I could make her a princess - scarf. I has been hard to understand what she really wants, so I just have to try making something. It is not a scarf, but a shawl. And I am making ruffles around it. But, what was I thinking....that's an awful lot of stitches... And I will add some flowers in purple and pink I think!
I have not bought much yarn lately, but yesterday I received this very nice yarn and pattern from Blue Moon fiber arts. They have very beautiful sock-yarn and I have now made reservation's for the 2007 spring sock-club! So I have more yarn to come.

The colors on this skein of yarn is just amazing!

This scarf is not my creation. It is a gift from my third Nordic secret pal. It is very nice and in my favorite color green! Thank you, very much. Right now I can't find the note, because of the mess in our office. So I don't remember who gave it to me.

And yesterday my last Nordic secret pall gift arrived. And what a gift....
There was a big bag of yarn - 5 skeins - 100 grams each!

Two skeins of Big wool - I have already one more in the same color and same dye-lot! So then I can make something out of 300 grams!
Two skeins of 123 Silk Tweed - one is green and one is purple. I have never tried this yarn, but it looks great, and I think it would be very nice for a cabled hat or mittens! I like the colors!
One skein of sock yarn form Austermann with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil!!! It Should be nice for the hands to knit with this yarn. And the earth-colors are awful nice and hard to describe. The picture does not do it right!

Thank you very much fuglemamma :-)

And then there was silence!

The days are passing by and I did not realize that it's been this long since I have updated my blog.
I am not going to try to explain, but in short I can say that I still have a small amount of energy to use and these last month's I have used all (and more) to handle the reconstruction of our house. We live in a house from 1928, and we are doing some major changes and upgrades. The second floor was finished less than two years ago, and now we have started with first floor. And it's a mess...and not easy to keep the 2-year old away from "the mess". But some times he has been allowed to take part. First we had to tare down everything.
And now we are seeing some progress. There will be a new kitchen here. Now the plumbing is in place and the electrician is now doing his job.
We have built up a temporarily wall so that we can keep the mess away from the rest of the area where we have to live.
I was hoping to have a new kitchen and dining are for Christmas, but it looks rather optimistic. We have had a lot of delays, so I don't think it will be finished until January. The kitchen cabinets are supposed to arrive on December 18, but I don't think we have the windows, walls and floors finished until then. So we have deadline-problem.