Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sock-progress and more

I have finished the heel on both socks and started on the leg. I do not have an awful lot of yarn left so I think they will be rather short. So maybe I should just skip the cable-pattern.

Tomorrow I am casting on my first Fitted Knits project. It is the turtleneck, and I am knitting it in Rowan Calmer. I am so looking forward to it!

In the mailbox yesterday was another Magazine. Spin-off this time. The socks on the front-cover is knitted in Kool-Aid dyed hand spun yarn. So now I am dreaming about dying and spinning,too. But then it is the problem with finding time for it - and the energy!

I will try to post again tomorrow with my turtleneck on needles and with pictures from the Cat Show that Zari participate in.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

This past week I have...

...ordered wallpaper for the living room in a pretty dramatic pattern from Cole & Son. I am talking gold! I am looking forward to seeing how it will look up on the wall!

My other project was getting some more light on the kitchen. For some reason I have not gotten myself into doing this job. Wonder why.... I was not really looking forward to it. Cause it looked rather hard. But then I just did it...
...and it worked out perfectly!

And it looks good, too. (Except from that wire hanging down i n the back....will need to fix that as well)
We got lucky with the camera this week, too. I must say he is a pretty handsome young boy.

And I have finally been able to get him to wear the sweater I made for him. I am not really satisfied with it dough...The tractor should not have been so low.

I have some new knitting supplies too. Needles for my first two Fitted Knits projects and a skein of very beautiful Rialto from Debbie Bliss. It is a test-skein, and I just love-love-love this color. The yarn is very soft, too. 100% Merino 105 meter per 50 gram.

I think the color is more right in this picture!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Rocking socks and more

Two socks at the same time on one circular needle. For the toe I used 3 mm dpn and now I am knitting with 2.5 mm. They are too big for me but looks nice on my boyfriends feet. But what about the amount of yarn. The scale shows me that I have 112 grams left. That's like 4 oz - do you think I will need more yarn? I might end up with a rather short leg.

I was using my umbrella swift and ball winder last weekend when Zari figured she wanted a ride! The kids really liked that! I have done some swathing on one of the skeins - the pink angora/merino blend. It is very nice and soft when knitted on 4 mm needles. I don't know what to make out of it yet.

I did knit a lot on the camisole in Pure silk, but then the sock-kit came....I have almost finished three pattern repeats.
Some more books came....Rowan and Debbie bliss. A lot of nice patterns, but I already have to many projects on my needles. So these will end up in my book shelves for now.

The fabric for the dress also came the other day. I guess I should not be surprised when the color turned out to be different from what I toughed. On the web-shop it looks like this:
A lot brighter then the real thing! So I don't really know if it will turn out okay, but I guess it is worth a try.
And it always helps to eat some chocolate!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rocking sock club!

On Friday afternoon I got my first Rocking sock club kit. So now I can start to knit a new pair of toe-up socks.

Nice colors for the man in the house. It will probably be made for him.

Look at this - a key chain, Isn't it adorable?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Queen of Yarn

This is the Queen of yarn. She likes to take a nap on my yarns that I have. On this picture she is cuddling up on a skein of Merino-Lambswool from Askeladden that I ordered at Nøstebarn.
Underneath was also a skein of Angora - Merino from the same shop. The last one was very soft and nice.
When I finished my socks I just had to cast on something new. I looked through my yarn and found 4 skeins Debbie Bliss Pure silk that I bought a year ago. Then I found a pattern in Vogue Knitting Spring 2005 that I have wanted to make. A lace Camisole in purple.

I also did some Magazine-shopping this morning. In a magazine from Denmark I found some patterns I would like to try out. It does not require yarn and needles, but rather fabrics and a sewing machine. What a challenge.....

I want to make pants for my son and a dress for myself. On the Internet I found a shop that sold the fabric for the dress. But I will make it in Yellow-brown colors in the same pattern as the red-orange dress.

Rock and Weave socks finished

My first Blue Moon fiber arts socks are finished. It was the sideways cuffs in linen stitch that made these socks a bit out of the ordinary. That was also the most time-consuming part.
When I state that the socks are finished, that is not really true. I still need buttons on them, but I will have to buy some first.
Just can't get this color right on the screen.
I have 34 grams of yarn leftover that I can use for something else. Maybe together with solid sock yarn.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A blog facelift and some plans ahead!

I did an update on my blogger-blog. So this is how it looks like now. I was a little quick, so I lost all my links. Will put up some new blog-links sometime soon.

I have joined a knit along for the book Fitted Knits. Today I have done some swatching for a turtleneck. It is Rowan Calmer from a project I started last summer , but I found out that I did not want to make it after all. Hopefully it will work out for this project.

I have also ordered yarn for a beautiful Tunic form this very same book. It is a really nice design.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kleenex-time and a happy birthday girl!

On Saturday (March 3) my daughter had her 4th birthday. I managed to finish the Piggle. And it fits her just perfect. Unfortunately we have had a lot of fever this week. First her little brother - he also had an ear infection - and then me on Saturday and my princess on Sunday. So we had to cancel the party that we had planned for Sunday. Today it's Tuesday and the three of us are still haven's a fever. And we are using a lot of Kleenex.....

On Mars 1 I received a Secret Pal gift. Some patterns for sewing doll clothes, fabric, Kool-Aid, Gedifra-yarn and some very beautiful wrist-warmers. I have never seen the pattern, and I really don't understand how they have been knitted!

Thank you to my secret pal. This was really a generous gift.

I did some weaving, but because our new little kitty is crazy about all the loose ends I have not gotten much further with it. I will have to close the door to be able to finish this.

I have a finished sock! But this picture really makes it look rather ugly. The colors are not right and it looks very nice on my foot. I will try to take a better picture when I have finished the second sock.

It is this cuff that takes is linen stitch pattern with a picot bind off. I am in a hurry finishing these socks now, cause my first Sock Club kit has been shipped and I would like to start knitting them right away.

I have done some shopping.....Rowan magazine for my membership. It is some nice designs in there, but I don't really know if I will be making anything from it. But when it comes to the new book "Fitted knits" I would really like to knit more than one of the designs.

For some time ago I also finished my second Ballband dishcloth.