Friday, May 18, 2007

A new dress for May 17!

Thank you for all the nice comments in the previous post. It has been some crazy weeks, and I am trying not to tear all my hair off my head when I sort of can not control my anger . The word "doctors" is kind of giving me the chills these days.

I am trying to figure out what to eat and what to nor eat. It is hard to figure out this no wheat and no gluten way of living. The pre-made foods seam to have a lot of wheat in it, so now I will have to make almost everything from scratch. That is healthy I guess...but it takes time to figure out of everything.

My knitting in progress! I have now finished the front and have started on the lower back of this Textured tunic.
For a week ago I got this for my kitchen! I already have three Gluten free cooking books in there.
I have done some more sewing. It really is a lot of fun! This time it was my daughters dress for the Norwegian Constitution day. I had my pattern and fabrics ready for along time ago, but because of a lot of happenings lately I did not get started until May 16. That is rather late for a beginner sewer to finish a dress!

At five o'clock in the morning on May 17, the dress was finished! And I was very pleased with how it turned out. This is the specs:

Pattern: Farbenmix "Anna" for the dress and Farbenmix "Hannah" (some adjustments) for the top.
Fabric: Heather Bailey Freshcut for Free Spirit

I think these fabrics are so beautiful. The colors and the patterns!

The ribbons on the shoulder straps is from Tilda.

My daughter was very happy with the dress as well, and she wanted to put it on right away.

And the cat was very interested in catching the ribbons at her back!

She was feeling very pretty when she went to town with her Norwegian flag in her hand.

At home with a matching pink balloon-horse - watching TV. She was tired!
And the dress had done its mission for this time.

My daughter and son is kind of different in so many ways. She looks like this and gets rather quite when tired.
But my son looks more like this! Getting very silly and giggling. He is such a trouble-maker, but boy, he is so darn quite!

Tonight I did a fast sewing project. A small bag for my new cell phone. It was easy except from the button. I struggled a bit, but that was because I did not really read the instructions for how to do it. Pink on the outside and green on the inside.

And inside is my new phone that I bought today. A Nokia N73 in the color pale pink!

And I really did need a new one. My old Nokia was falling apart - more than 3 years old! That poor thing has had some rough treatment!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

So what is next?

I have not talked so much about it lately - my health issues - I have been rather fed up with it. For more then 1 year ago a doctor at my local Hospital told me I have Celiac disease, so I started on a gluten free diet. But two months later he gave me a rather nasty combination of antibiotics to get rid of the Heliobacter Pylori, because he did not think it was Celiac disease after all. So did my shape get any better after this? Now - it got worse. In August last year I was in such a bad shape that I would rather not think about it. They had done another test for Celiac disease and some other tests, but this time it did not give a positive result for Celiac disease. One doctor told me the test was taken too soon - that I needed to eat food with gluten for a longer time, because I had stopped eating it for a period of time. But after the weekend came another doctor who figured I did not have it and sent me back home. He was suggesting I had Fatigue syndrome.

I started the process with my family doctor finding out if it was this Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In between this I suddenly got a letter in my mail for another appointment with the "Celiac-specialist" (I am not really convinced that they even know much about this disease). When I came there I was told that I probably did not have Celiac disease, but to be sure they needed to do another intestinal biopsy . So in February I had to do that not-so-pleasent biopsy. When I came back for the appointment to this "Celiac-specialist" the test result was not there yet. But he also did not remember that he had ordered another test, because he did not think it was needed. I was told that I did not have any Celiac disease, but that he would call me. I went to my family doctor this Monday and then I was told that this result is positive and that they now think I DO HAVE Celiac disease. And this is something the "Celiac-specialist" knew in March, but did he call? Of course not! So now my family doctor sad that she would find out what was happening. Today I got a letter telling me I have an appointment with this very same "Celiac-specialist" on August 1. That is it?!? So should I start on gluten free diet or should I just eat as normal and be in bad shape this summer too?

And this is not the only thing. My right ear has been bothering me lately with drainage from it and it has been more aware of that my dizziness might come from this. I had a surgery when I was 7 years old to remove a Cholesteatoma. Not going into the story of is too long, but now I need another surgery. I am not so trilled about surgery inside my head, but I know I have to do it! So this week has been hard... It is nice to finally have some proofs that I'm really not alright and answers on why I'm not alright. But I am also rather upset that they spend several years to figure it out. And along this way, I have not always been treated very nice.

Then back to my knitting and sewing. I will update with my Fitted knit progress later this weekend. For now I will show you my sewing - a strawberry and a pear :-)

My son had to try to taste it, but was figured it tasted a lot better with the real thing.

Another book arrived...a brand new one. This must be the first knitting book my boyfriend felt like looking inside - wonder why :-)

A lot of nice pictures inside it. And I think I will try to make some of them.

But it is not all lingerie. This skirt is so nice. And there are socks and and other things, too.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Husqvarna was broken!

I had so much problems with the machine that I went to the store where they are selling and fixing sewing machines. And he figured out right away what was wrong. This piece was broken. I do not know what it was called. But it was the reason for everything. So now my Husqvarna is okay and I could start sewing again.

So I finished my daughters skirt, and she was very happy.

I guess I will need to practice how to zig-zag....Not perfect!

I did the waistline a little different from what I first planned. Instead of one wide elastic I made three casings and three elastics. I think it worked out pretty well. And it is comfortable to wear.

While I waited for my sewing machine to be fixed, I did some more shopping. Most of it I got in the mail. Like all the Amy Butler patterns. I really like her things and have a lot of her bags on my mind. Her fabrics are also stunning! At Panduro I bought buttons for my sons pants, Tilda book and Tilda thin box for sewing storage.

In a quilting store in town I bought fabrics for the strawberries in the Tilda book.

This is two fabrics from Amy Butlers Belle collection.

And this is from her latest collection Lotus.

So what happened to my knitting?
It is there, but I have not done all that much. I did progress on the yellow Textured tunic from Fitted knits, but I think I will have to rip it because I need to do some adjustments to make it fit.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pirate pants finished!

It is Mai 1 today and the "workers day " in Norway. So we are having a quite day at home. Last night I finished the Pirate pants for my son. I had some issues with the sewing machine and tomorrow I will take it to the Husqvarna shop to get it fixed. I plan to sew a lot and need a machine that works.Pattern: Designed by La Møf for the Magazine "Kreative kvinner" nr. 4 April 2007.
Fabric: Dark denim. Also need vlieseline, thread and buttons.
Size: 110 (they are supposed to be shorter).

I am very happy with the fit! And the instructions was okay to follow. There was one error, but it was pretty obvious. I am planning to make more of these in different fabrics and colors.

When I wanted to take pictures I first had to play a paparazzi, because he was just running away, but when I but him one the table he started posing...or at least dancing. The back pockets still need buttons. I need to buy some. Maybe some soccer-balls!

I really like the shape on the hem, and this is where I have used the interfacing (vlieseline).

They are curving in the opposite directions at front and back. I was kind of worried this was going to be hard to sew, but it wasn't.

I have winded up my Rocking sock yarn. First I had to take pictures of the different colors on the Umbrella swift. Browns and greens.

Brown, lilac and green.
Green, purple, brown and lilac.

But when it was made into a ball the colors was a total mess! I have been swatching a little and I am not sure what to do with this yarn yet. I was thinking a Chevron scarf, but maybe I will end up making socks after all!