Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The color is green!

My favorite color is green, and right now this is the color of all my ongoing projects! This close-up picture is the Perl-side of my Rowan Summer Tweed-project. This is my first experience with this yarn. The bad thing about it is the smell....and that is why it's been going kind of slow. I really like the color and I hope it will be a nice cardigan once it's finished. The pattern is a combination of 2-3 patterns I have and something I am making up myself.

I have almost finished the back. The most boring part. And then I am only missing left and right front and two arms....oh no....will I ever be able to finish this?

The other 'green' project is the earlier described baby-jacket. I made a swatch in the original yarn, but started knitting with a different yarn. (I really don't know what I was thinking) And of course it didn't look nice so I have started all over again with the right yarn.

A long way to go still...

The last picture is not showing a project, just a swatch of my Artfibers Gypsy-yarn. I just had to try knitting it.
It is very soft and nice to knit!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Yes - a finished project!

For a long time now I have had nothing to show for.
But now I have finely finished my HelloKitty-Bag for the knit-along.

The color in this picture is not at all right.
It is pink, not red.

It's a nice size on this bag, and I think I will use it now during the summer. That is...I haven't seen much of summer. The temperature is now 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), and it's cloudy. But that is probably better then extreme heat that a lot of other places are facing right now.

I have some projects in progress, but with very little progress.
Right now I am having a hard time not starting on a new project with all that lovely Artfibers-yarn. I am touching it every day and thinking about what to make out of it.

Friday, June 17, 2005

A better picture of the yarn.
It is so lovely :-)
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And now I got some Kool-Aid :-)
I think we will have to try drinking it too.Posted by Hello

My Artfibers yarn have landed!
The lovely green is Gypsy - 100% Brushed Silk. The green mix of colors are just amazing and it is very light and hugging the skein is like hugging a teddy-bear :-)
The gauge is 13 s/18 r = 4 " (10 cm) on US # 10/ 6 mm needle. One skein is 50 grams and 114 yds ($17)

The dark purple on the right side is Golden Chai - 100% golden tussah silk. Again - the colors are fantastic. The name say it all!
Gauge: 22s/28r = 4" on US #6/4 mm needle. One skein is 50 grams and 165 yds ($12.50).

On the left side is Tsuki. A brand new yarn that had just arrived. The color is light purple with a metalic feel to it. It is 40% silk and 60% superkid mohair. It is very much alike Rowan Kidsilk Haze.
Gauge: 22s/29r=4" on US #6/4 mm needles. One skein contain 40 grams and 515 yds($16).

I feel lucky, and I am in love - in my new yarns and in my boyfriend ;-) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Yarn from Artfibers coming soon!

My boyfriend has been in Mountain View for almost a week now.
Yesterday he went by train to San Francisco to buy me some yarn at Artfibers.
I gave him a list of yarns to buy that I had spotted on the web-page.
unfortunately the web-page is not "up-to-date", so they didn't have the same colors and yarns. My boyfriend have picked out something, but I don't know what.
It will be a surprise!

I also wanted him to buy me some Kool-Aid for dyeing yarn.
He went to a lot of places before he found it.
Again, he did not see all the colors I had asked for, but he did buy what he found.
It will be fun to see!

Monday, June 13, 2005


There are a lot of fun patterns on the web.

The cup-cake-hat pattern is for free HERE

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I still haven't given up on the HelloKitty-knitalong bag!
This is my third attempt.
I almost gave up...but then I started again.
The problem on the second attempt was that I didn't have the right row-gauge, so that the bag was sort of short! Now I have made some changes, so I will settle with this result even if it doesn't turn out perfect!Posted by Hello

So, I did make a very nice swatch in All season cotton (like in the Knitty-pattern). And then I start knitting with a complete different yarn....
I am not so sure this was a good idea!
The reason was that I thought of something else I could use the original yarn for.
Now I am starting to regret, so it might be that I start this all over again! Posted by Hello

This is the most beautiful swatch I have ever made!
For a long time I have been considering starting on the baby jacket from Knitty.com
Now I have made a swatch to see if I have the right gauge and to try out the pattern.
My gauge is just about right and the pattern was easy to follow!
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Sunday, June 05, 2005

My first attempt on the HelloKitty-bag did not turn out the way I wanted. To treads of Mandarin Fiesta (Sandnes yarn) was just not right. So I have now started all over again using only a single tread this time. Posted by Hello

I have for the first time made a center-pull ball. "Stitch'n bitch - The knitter's handbook" have an instruction on page 19. Posted by Hello

Finely, I have started out knitting with my Rowan Summer Tweed - knitting a jacket. Looking at a few patterns and doing some changes here and there, I hope it will turn out okay! Posted by Hello

Yes, this is Ancher Magic crochet-yarn. I just had to try it out.  Posted by Hello

This is very very bad bloging. I have not been very active lately. I would like to blog a lot more, but I am very occupied with renovating our home. We are almost finished, and then I will be doing more knitting and bloging.
Here is a project I very optimistic believed I would finish just in one single night, but instead it's been laying around for a week now...too bad...It's a sleeping-bag for the baby-stroller! Posted by Hello