Sunday, October 30, 2005

A purple Flora

This weekend I have knitted the well known Flora-scarf from this falls knotty.
A perfect Christmas-gift I should think, and I might make some more.

This one is knitted in Alpaca yarn from 'Du store alpaca' (Norwegian yarn-brand).
It is 50g=60 meter.
But in the center of the flower I have used one strand of Dale Heilo and one strand Sandnes Kitten held together.

Friday, October 28, 2005

More yarn!

This is Rowan Kid Classic. It is the first time I am holding this yarn in my hands. And I was very surprised. I had now idea that this yarn was so beautiful, and I really wish that I had more of it than these two skeins. I was planning on knitting the wrist-warmers in #38.

I also received more Jeager Shetland Aran. I still have the 10 skeins of dark green, and I ordered this color to match it. I have an idea, but I don't know if it will work out. So I will do som swatcing and testing with it! Bouth colors are great and they are perfect together.

Soft tweed scarf - 220 cm long

I received another ball of Rowan Soft Tweed yesterday, so now I have finished the scarf.
It is 220 cm long and 42 cm wide.

So it almost goes all the way down to the floor. It always looks funny to take pictures from this angle.
So here is a picture of me and the scarf, and where I look at least as bad as I am feeling.
Look at that awful tired and pale face!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My little boy's new sweater!

I have not been feeling well the last three weeks and have stayed home from work.
There is not so much energy in me right now, but I have done a little knitting.
And last night I finished the 'Family of sweaters'.
It looks very nice, but I haven't tried it on my son yet. It might be a little to big, but he will grove into it very soon.I like cables, and I think I will do some more soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Family of sweaters soon to be finished!

I have finished front, back and both arms, so now I am ready for sewing the sleeves to the body along raglan shaping. Then I will be ready for the neckband. But I haven't decided how to do it yet...I am considering on doing some changes.

Friday, October 21, 2005

One project finished and one started all over again!

I have finished the Crocheted hat. It is rather funny-looking. Since I look rather awful these days, I didn't feel like posing in it.

And then it is the is not an easy project. My gauge seamed to be right, but I realized that the sweater was going to be way too small. So then I ended up with this big ball of yarn. It is 4 skeins and 200 grams!

I have also finely found a nice pattern for the Rowan Cork-yarn. It is 'Family of sweaters' from Lion Brands free patterns. The yarn is not the same gauge as in the pattern, so I have to adjust.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cable Cast-On and some progress!

In Rowan #34 they have instructions on different cast-on-methods. I did the lace cast-on for the River, and now I have done the cable cast-on for the Kyoto-scarf. I don't understand why I haven't used these methods before. They are very useful.

I have been struggling with finding the right pattern for the Kyoto. I did a search on Google and found the 'My so called scarf'. I think this pattern works out well for this yarn.

I have done some progress on the River to:

For a long time I have had a project in a bag in my office. It is going to be a crocheted hat for myself. And since we suddenly have very cold weather in Trondheim, I will be needing this.

A gift from a knitting-friend!

At the Norwegian 'Hobbyforum' we have an arrangement with secret pals sending gifts to each other. I still don't know how my friend is, but my gift is pictured below. It is sock-yarn, two candles, a lot of knitting-patterns and a very nice letter!

Thank you, my secret friend :-)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Finished Opal-hat and new projects!

My son's hat is finished. Maybe the pon-pon is too big, but it is easy to trim it down.

I will try to post a new picture when my son is wearing it.

Still I have some unfinished projects, but like a lot of other knitters I can't control myself with starting new projects. Especially not when I have all this lovely yarns screaming for my attention. I am drooling on my lovely skeins of Kyoto every day, and now I have tried to do some swatching with it. I am planning on making a scarf, but I can't decide what pattern to use.
The yarn-band recommend size #10.5 needle - or 6.5 mm. I don't have that size so I used 7 mm last night. It looks nice in stockinette stitch, but I fear that it will be kind of simple! So now I have tried a different pattern. With a 12 mm needle I have knitted single rib. It looks like this:

It looks sloppy at the ends. I don't think this yarn looks nice when knitted too loosely, so I will have to go for 7 mm or smaller. If someone have the perfect pattern for showing off this yarn I would be pleased to have it.

While I am searching for the right yarn for my Kyoto, I have started on River from Rowan #38. I am using another yarn from Artfibers - Tsuki. It is pretty much the same as Kidsilk Haze.
whit this pattern I have learned two new things: Lace cast-on and 'yarn forward'. I have only done long-tail cast on before and I didn't know that 'yarn forward' could mean make a new stitch. I look forward to seeing this grow!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Provisional cast on!

I have started working one a Opal hat for my son.

For the first time I have tried out the 'provisional cast on'.
I used the description on THIS sight.
It is nice having as few seams as possible.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Yarn in my mail today!

I did write about some new yarn earlier today, so this is rather embarrassing. From Get knitted I received some Rowan wool-cotton and Kidsilk Spray, two skeins Opal Forest and two skeins Cherry Tree hill supersock. I also received a shawl-pattern and free Opal-sock-pattern. The lovely seller added some free stitch-markers, too.

This strange-looking thing above is my second asymmetrical V-neck for myself. I really like the color, but I sort of am allergic to the yarn. I hope it will be better after being washed. If not, I have a problem....

Lace socks finished!

Finley, I have something finished again.
The lace socks from Knitty is finished. I had some difficulties with finding the right needles. Next time I will use even smaller needles for this yarn.

My mum was very interested in the socks, so I guess I will have to give them to her for Christmas or maybe some day soon.

More yarn from Artfibers

My boyfriend came home on Sunday night. He's been in CA for 3 very long weeks. It is very nice to have him back. The kids was very pleased to see daddy. He had bought some more Artfibers-yarn for me, too.

I must say I really love the Kyoto. It is a blend of Silk, Kid mohair and extrafine wool (69%, 25% and 6%). And these colors are in my favorite range.

The Tesla is a new and very unusual yarn, being a blend of 35% stainless steel and 65% cotton.
I have no idea what to make out of it!