Thursday, September 28, 2006

Late Harvest sock yarn and 4lb Jelly Belly!

I have received my first yarn from Mama-E's Sock-club. The color is called Late Harvest and is lovely.

I have gone crazy for shore....I bought a can of Jelly Belly...1.8 kg...what was I thinking :-)I have done some knitting on my socks...

and on the Dale sweater....I am looking forward to get passed the Tractor pattern. I have almost finished the tires on Gråtass.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To knit or not to knit!

I don't want to talk so much about the health, but it has not been good. And I have not been able to do much knitting. It is hard to follow patterns when my head is spinning a lot. And concentration and memory has not been very cooperative lately. I have not even bothered looking at yarn on the internet.... But for a while ago I got the Maison Dixon Knitting Book and after a while I started knitting the Ballband dishcloth.That was really a perfect pattern for me right now. It is very easy, and a nice project for a dysfunctional brain :-) I have done a little progress on the socks, but the pattern is still hard to follow. And the Dale sweater has a very big chart that I have a hard time to follow, but I do a few rows now and then. In between my sleeping.....yes, I have done a lot of sleeping.

Yesterday we made 6 kg of Plum-jam! And it tastes good :-)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Still knitting, but not very fast!

Before going to the hospital I received a gift from my secret pal number 2! It came all the way from Denmark, and I really love the sock yarn. The colors are in different shades of blue, white and blue-green. It is always nice with chocolate, and the tea saved us yesterday when we had visitors. We did not find any tea, but then I remembered my gift :-)

Staying at the hospital was boring, but I was very tired so I did not do much knitting. But on Friday I finished the Opal socks for the big feet in the house. He was very happy with them!
I have started on Icosa Welt Ball, but I am not sure that colors turned out as nice as I was hoping!
This is how much I have knitted on the Dale sweater for my son!
When I had finished one pair of socks, I felt the need for a new pair right away. So now I am knitting both socks at the same time on one circular needle.
Yarn: Cherry Tree hill Supersock
Pattern: Baudelaire from Knitty.
Needles: Addi bamboo 2.5 mm

So what can I my plums!

...when the doctors don't agree with each other or change their mind several times?
And why can't they just give me an answer to my questions?

My one week at the hospital was a very strange experience. I have been diagnosed back and forth. The first doctor told me that there had been some bad judgment from my doctor when giving me treatment that I should not have had, and that I after all would end up with the Celiac disease.
The next doctor asked me all the questions that I have answered a hundred times, without giving me much answer. But he was also puzzled by the fact that I had been given antibiotics. Then the chief doctor came together with this doctor and told me that "You give us quite some problems". And this was of course related to the mess that my previous specialist doctor had caused. The problem was that my first Celiac-test was not giving a 100% result for the disease. Then I shouldn't have started a gluten free diet, like I did. Then when they took a new test in august I got a "better" result, but that could be because I had been on the diet and had not been eating food with gluten for a long enough period of time. The chief doctor told me that I would have to eat normal food for a while longer and then take a new test.
But at the same time they did a lot of blood-tests and sent me to a specialist in Neurology because I have had so much problems with being dizzy all the time. And this doctor put me up for a MR.

Then came Saturday and Sunday, and nothing happens then. On Monday there came a new doctor. He was telling me that he would have to take a closer look at my case and get back to me. For some reason he found out that I "probably did not have Celiac disease". I was diagnosed with "Irritable bowel syndrome", and told that they would put me up for a new evaluation in one year. So then I could go home....

The MR of my head was done on Friday, so I have not had any result from it, but I don't think they will find anything wrong.

So what is my plans now....Oh well, I will just have to figure this out on my own I guess. I have started taking vitamin, mineral, herb and fiber powder. It is supposed to do me good. Then I am starting an exercise-program. Then time will show....

Today I will try to start all over again - I will try to make some plans for myself and how I can get myself in shape again. I took a closer look at our plum tree and found two big plums that was ready for harvesting. And they turned out to be very tasty :-)