Saturday, September 29, 2007

Knitting and healing!

Hello - I'm back! And look how handy my knitting is right now. The day I had my surgery, at hospital in bed I started knitting another Calorimetry from a skein of self made handspun yarn I have had in my stash for a while. I went home the next day in the afternoon and then I had finished it. One of the nurses was rather interested, so I gave her the pattern. This one is so perfect for covering up my bandage. And it will be nice when I remove the bandage, too. Covering up the scars and the space with no hair.

A wooden heart button was added. It is one of my favorite buttons. I really like the wooden ones.
My daughter tried it on, too. Here, you can see I have been doing some knitting. That is about the only thing I have done the first week after surgery.

The yarn Lucca in 100% merino knitted up very nicely, and it is just as soft as kids like it.

I have also started on a Kidsilk Haze adventure.....For now I have 38 cm of pure heaven...I will say now more for the moment.

Realising I need a lot of things for my head I knitted myself a hat yesterday. The pattern is from the latest Knitty - Foliage. I made it from one of the skeins of yarn from I knitted on 6 mm and 5.5 mm needles. Next time I will try to make one in worsted weight yarn.

Here is the finished socks for my son to. I have had the first finished sock laying around since June. It was about time I made the second one.

And I have been shopping again. Two days ago, when I had to go to the drugstore I bought 15 skeins of a beautiful purple colored Eskimo. I just felt like making myself a purple jacket. The pattern is in my head. I am trying to make my own design for this yarn.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Surgery tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning the surgery on my ear will take place. I am not exactly looking forward to it, but I guess I will be happy when it is all done. Maybe not right away, but when I am feeling better. I do not know how I will feel afterwards so I do not know how soon I will update my blog.

Time pass by so quickly. Feels like not too long ago since we got this very adorable little white kitten. And look at her now. She is almost grown up, but still very adorable. She is beginning to grow a winter coating as well.
I went to the last of two stitching-class-night this Monday. Had a hard time figuring out how arrange the fabrics. Tonight I sewed it together - almost. I could not decide what fabric to use for the edge.

Something pink?Or yellow?
It is maybe a bit too much chocolate and lollipop :-)

Last Thursday I also went to a one evening sewing-class. I am using Japanese fabrics and everything is stitched together by hand.

Just had to show you - at daughter agreed on buying a dress that is not pink! She wore it to a birthday party this last Saturday. I think she lookes great in these colors.

Oh yes...I have finished the Textured tunic, too. And I like it...but (there is always a but) I do not know if I like the wholes on each side. I can feel a bit cold air coming in there.

I have wanted to make a Chevron scarf for a long time. I tried out with two skeins of Lornas laces Swirl DK that I bought on discount. But I do not really like the color-combination.

I have made some Plum-jam this week, too. Now I need to prepare for tomorrow and try to get some sleep.

Monday, September 10, 2007

It is Fall for sure!

It is an awful lot of rain these days and I am worried our plums will be damaged if it don't stop sometime soon. The weather-forecast is promising, but only time will tell if it is right. Anyway - I really feel in the mood for knitting, because we need warm clothes now.

I finished the Textured Tunic on Friday, but I still need some buttons to finish it.

I have also started knitting with my new merino-yarn. There was a pattern for a very nice striped sweater, but knitting all those peaces that I need to sew up was not so tempting so I am doing it in one piece. I do not have a pattern. I just casted on for the neck and use the experience from the sweaters I have made (Fitted Knits), and it is not very hard to figure out! I have not tried it on yet, but I think it will be fine.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yarn delivered to my door!

Is that maybe one of the greatest things? When the doorbell rings and there is yarn delivered to you!
I was pretty excited, but so was Sari! Yammy - some gorgeous purple and turquoise skeins of yarn. 210 and 213 grams in each color! So what is my plan for this yarn? I have no idea...
I went to a "Stitch n' bitch" on Tuesday. The hostess happen to have a new webshop Mer Garn. And I could not resist buying some skeins of this very lovely Merino yarn Lucca. The purple will be something for my head, neck or hands. The two purple will be a sweater for my girl.

For not to long ago I received another yarn kit from Blue moon fibers. I must admit - this was a pretty strange color combination. And I would most surtenly never have picked this skein myself. The pattern for these socks looks lovely .
When looking at the key chain it is probably a better indication on how the knitted sock will look like. But I am still not convinced!I was so excited about my new yarns that I forgot all about my knitting. There is another finished object coming up soon. I will take pictures when it is finished. It is a sweater from Fitted knits that I did not feel like finishing in the hot summer weather. But now I am knitting the last arm. Also I have been to my first Stitching-class. I will update on that one, too.