Sunday, August 28, 2005

Asymmetrical V-neck for my girl and more...

So, I didn't tell about this project and suddenly it was finished!
It is a very fast project, and fun to knit. I will be making one of this for myself, too. Just need to find the right yarn for it. The pattern I bought on And I used Crystal palace Iceland. It looks great on my 2 1/2 - year old.

For myself I think I will use something more fluffy sow it won't be this heavy!

The purple color was really nice, too. But I might make another one for her in pink. Cause she is a very pink-loving girl :)

Yes, I have bought some more yarn - but only ONE skein!!!
It is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the color Old Rose. I want to make myself a pair of warm and pretty socks for the cold days to come.

It is 100% Merino wool and it feels very soft. I think it will make wonderful socks cause it has a very nice and tight spinning.

The only problem now, is to find a pattern that is nice enough for this yarn....

New pattern-books and mags!

I should have enough patterns to knit from now. The Classic Winter is the last one I received. This is patterns for the new Rowan RY Soft Tweed yarn. I bought two skeins that I am now making a scarf out of. The yarn is very soft and feels easy to knit with, but I don't know if I like it. So when doing any of the other designs I might end up using a substitute yarn.

Other patterns I have recieved lately is Vogue knitting and Simply knitting. I didn't really go crazy when reading them, but there are some nice designs. What I really is not so happy about is that I still am waiting for the Rowan Magazine # 38....Being a Rowan Member haven't really been a good thing! I could have bought it on the internet a long time ago. Rowan did promise me to send a new copy for 10 days ago so if it is not in my mail tomorrow I will contact them again. This is my first Rowan magazine and I have been waiting eagerly for a very long time now!

I have also bought one of the new Design-books from Garnstudio. It is in my office at work together with a single skein of 'Eskimo'-yarn and a crochet-needle :-)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Gypsy-shrug!

This was a fast project!

But I don't looks a little bit boyfriend had a strange look in his face, when I showed it to him! I am thinking of making more of a bolero, cause I still have some more yarn!

Yes, I have received some more yarn. It is from Jannette's rare yarns . She ship fast :-)

I wish I could say the same thing about Rowan... I am still waiting for my #38 Mag.

The Jaeger Shetland feels very nice with 20% alpaca and 80% wool. They come in 100 gram. So 10 skeins will be like 20 skeins! That is a lot of yarn for 55$ with free shipping.

The two skeins in salmon color is the new Soft tweed. A very soft yarn! I just had to try it out!

That is all for today. I will go back to my knitting!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

My kids!

I don't like leaving pictures of my kids on the web, but they are just so adorable some times...

Some progress - one new project!

The days have been passing by very quickly lately.
There are a lot of changes going on in my family - I have just started working again and my other half are about to start in a new job. We are very excited, but it is also kind of frustrating. A lot of changes in a short time can be a little too much, from time to time.

So that is why my blogging is a little bit slow these days. But here are some updates :-)

My secret (,but kind of boring) project is moving along steady. Knitting in the round with now changes for a very long time is kind of boring, so I have to do some other projects, too.

So I have been working on my rather slow Summer-tweed-project. I have finished the back, and are now working on the left front of the jacket. The smell of this yarn....

And these two projects wasn't enough for me, so I just started a very fast project ;-)

Finely, I figured out of what I could make out of my Artfibers yarn Gypsy.
Yes, it is a very long arm. Or what I believe they call a 'shrug'.
I am very surprised how long-lasting this yarn is. I have just started on my second skein.
That means I won't be able to use all of my three skeins. There might be one left.
The colors are great and very much my kind of color.

And then I came to think of some yarn I have bought for some while ago.
It is some Ebay-yarn from Peru - Baby alpaca (10 skeins). And some Crystal Palace yarn - Nubbles (3) and Iceland (3):

I don't have a plan for these yet...I will get back on it.