Thursday, February 22, 2007

Crocheted hat and progress on my weaving!

Our new family member Sari, is very happy with being in our home. She likes to cuddle in mummy's knitted sweater.

She also think it is okay to be a model, when mommy looks too awful to be in any pictures. I have made myself a crocheted hat with the new Easy-yarn form Sandnes. I added some Eskimo-yarn from Garnstudio on the flower and edging. It fits on my head perfectly. At least it feels good, but I am not so sure it looks as good as it feels :-)

I am doing some progress on my crochet-weave-project...I have finished the crocheted chains and are now doing the weaving. Not an easy thing to do I must admit. Yesterday I also received a magazine - Interveawe Knits! Some very nice projects in it, but I don't know if I will make any of them.

Friday, February 16, 2007

My celebrity look-alikes!

I have been in Virtuellas blog again and got inspired...

I do not look like any of these girls - do I :-)
The most fun part is that i got the best match with the Japanese girl!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The new kitten has arrived!

Last night on Valentines day I went to pick up our new kitten. And there was a change in plan. Instead of the boy we ended up with choosing one of his sisters. Her name is Sarisin Kadin! She seems to adjust to her new environment very well.

She is white with a little grey on top of here head and she's got some very beautiful blue eyes. She is very playful and can play for hour's and she likes us to sit down with her all the time.
You can see a knitted blanket that is made by one of the breaders daughter. We are all very happy having her around.

When it comes to knitting.....I just bought some yarn.....oh well....not again...I just could not help myself. It is only three skeins of Easy from Sandnes Garn. I will crochet myself a hat!

Friday, February 09, 2007

I am freezing cold!

This picture shows the cold but very pretty snow outside my window. But it is - 16 degrees Celsius (3 Fahrenheit) and we have been having some difficulties keeping the house warm enough when we currently don't even have a fire place. But there is always wool sweaters and blankets.... Me and the kids went to see our little kitty on Monday. The where trilled, but my daughter had a hard time leaving it there. I am really looking forward to having him here next Thursday morning. Meanwhile I can look at these cute wooden cats.

I have finished my Alpaca shrug. A Garnstudio-pattern. It is very nice, but I think it needs a button or something to stay in place.

A closer view to see the pattern. Hard to see when the yarn is dark brown.

Yesterday I received the smallest package ever! And inside where these two skeins .

It is Rowan Holiday. I was supposed to have two skeins Cotton Braid in the same shipment, but they are probably coming in a little while. I am making something out of the ordinary. So far I am making Crochet-chains that are 36 cm in length. When I have 16 of every color I will start weaving...I will let you try figure out what I am making!